Uday Parkar led ‘The countryside’ became the first creative agency based in the countryside of Alibaug offering world-class creative solutions to brands pan India & worldwide. 

One day, it dawned upon a local hospitality brand in Alibaug that it needs a digital push to go a level up in business. No need to run to the best Advertising Agencies in Mumbai to get the finest branding anymore. An internationally acclaimed 150+ award-winning creative director Uday Parkar has recently opened the doors of his creative agency ‘The Countryside’ in Alibaug, an island near Mumbai.

One pleasant morning in Alibaug, this local brand approached us to create the digital presence of a hospitality brand called PRIVY STAYS. After listening to the brand’s requirements and understanding it’s vision, we suggested it needs a professional touch. Listening to the brand’s founder, we sensed the brand’s potential and with the client’s willingness we planned our first brand makeover in Alibaug.

The journey of a brand’s success starts with one step. Choosing the right brand partner.

Even with a fast-growing business model and management, the customers visiting Privy Stays were average. The brand was not visible to it’s customers losing it’s presence in the competitive giants in this industry. The brand thought, digital presence & marketing can help Privy Stays get visibility and presence among it’s competitors. With this thought, it approached us at The Countryside.

The earlier branding of Privy Stays wasn’t enough, wasn’t meaningful. Had inconsistency in branding, the brand presence was lacking. When The Countryside undertook Privy Stays, we dived deep into understanding what lacks in hospitality today? What is the brand’s geography, competition, how to break the market and create a space for us? The client gave us the freedom to change the brand completely but we decided to stick to the name Privy Stays because it suggested Privacy (an important factor in hospitality) & Stay (suggest our business). It didn’t need anything else. So we just added the baseline ‘truly’ to emphasize it. As a brand strategy, one key point that struck out like a sore thumb was ‘privacy’. Do hospitality brands ‘truly’ offer privacy? and with this question, our journey began. The Countryside decided to explore the concept of ‘Privacy with Privy Stays’ making it ‘A hospitality brand truly made for you and your privacy’.

The brand name was meaningful & could work well for the business, so we decided to keep it. The earlier logo however, didn’t make sense, so we decided to change it. Once we finalized the new brand identity, all possibilities opened up and we knew it was ready to flow into the brand’s space. The Countryside with its unique style of taking the brand design to space design, started the process.

Privy Stays

From a local business to a world-class brand, PRIVY STAYS gets a makeover by ‘The Countryside’

Old Logo
New Logo

When we talk about privacy, it does not only mean closing yourself in four walls. Privacy means comfort, trust, peace, where you feel safe, warm & welcomed like home. This was the brand strategy built for Privy Stays. Keeping Privacy as a center point whole brand communication and brand identity started revolving around it. But while Rebranding Privy stays as a Brand its product ‘villas’ also needed a revamp according to the new brand.

That’s where The Countryside came to the rescue with its expertise to take branding into space design. Usually hotels are cold, generic and plain. All hotels in Alibaug are offering the same, mundane. Whereas, Privy Stays, a private villa rental brand in Alibag, with its new branding & space design made it very corporate, branded hospitality yet offering homely, rustic, cozy, warm , full of nature, trees, and fresh air. The privacy was carried forward while designing Privy Stays Villas. We gently created seamless enclosures in the Privy Villa Kurul to gently disconnect it from the residentially friendly neighborhood, and added plenty private corners in the property filled with different experiences. The villa was beautifully and aesthetically transformed with a cozy, warm and welcoming feeling which is why Privy Stays and its chains of private villas are special for their customers. 

The branding accompanies you from the room to living space to terrace to garden, to dining area to swimming pool, parking, smoking zone, shower, washroom. Wherever you go, the brand follows. With branding, space design and digital marketing, The Countryside helped Privy Stay to be visible to its potential customers and communicate its offering clearly, attracting more business and profit. Now Privy Stays is the perfect example in the hospitality industry for the brands wanting to be visible, grow business and reach the targeted goals.

The journey that started with wanting only a digital presence, led Privy Stays to a complete brand upgrade and has opened many doors of success in the hospitality industry. Focusing on the branded hospitality & experience, has helped their business grow. Not just business, but the class of the brand, the reliability, the trust, the interaction, the brand engagement, overall grew with the brand through this exercise of building the brand.

Sometimes all your business needs is a brand that tells your unique brand story. 

The Countryside took the challenge of renovating the most misfit property of Privy Stays to match up to its new brand identity. Within a month, without breaking a wall or building anything new, we renovated the space & decor. And slowly, the space started singing to the brand’s tune. Every Sq. inch of Privy Stays Kurul speaks the brand. Many brand & business problems were solved while making the brand & the brand space. This villa at Kurul had the lowest booking rate earlier the brand identity and space design, now it is booked on all days a week, throughout the month. It is hired for shoots and also attracts influencers and travel bloggers.

The launch of the new look didn’t only give the brand a new life, but also created a character, class and recognition for it in the local & global market. It increased the brand’s presence substantially & created engagement with its customers online & offline. Most importantly, it added to the business, its value and pride for our esteemed client & its customers.

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